University – The Learning Curve that matters.

Someone asked me “What’s your proudest moment?” I said without hesitating, “The moment I knew what I wanted to do in Life”

And flashing back the past 2 years of university life, I realize that’s where it all began on knowing what I want to do or to say, I found my passion. I have two, Environmental Sustainability through Architecture means and also Youth Development. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I am writing now so just to share my view because I really wish every USM students to know these few short years of University life can change you from A to Z.

I said about University is the learning Curve that matters. Seriously, it’s one tiny portion of your life when you can choose what path is going to lead you to where. But what’s really important is the group of people you are going to mix with, is going to determine how far you go to. Therefore I found AIESEC, it’s one of the major platforms I spent my time finding what I really want to achieve in this university life, along with other projects, conferences, in or out of campus. And I realize experiences such as this could be only tasted when you are a student, the moment you are in a career, most likely you would be busy chasing after the ‘future you’.

Certainly, the world’s largest student organization has to lead me to know a lot of inspiring people especially NGOs and thus I have been attending quite some corporates meets and talks to give the point of view of a student. That’s where I really learned the extra mile outside of what a university can teach. And then I found my passion than when I realize I could give all that I am to this issue we are fighting together.

So you see, it’s always who you mix will determine your speed and area. I think i am very positive because i am constantly surrounded by positive people.

The truth is, honestly what I felt, by the end of university experience, you would find 2 people being so different, one could still be not knowing anything in this world but academic and dramas and gossips every day, while the other could have a big picture of what he is able to do and running towards the passion or dream he has been chasing on. It’s very true because I have seen how people have changed from point A to Z when we started to think all this through, what we really want to achieve in this university experience.

If I am given 5 minutes to deliver a talk to all the newbies, my message will be very direct, be sure that you find your passion in this university life. Whatever you study wouldn’t mean what your career will be but your passion is going to bring you far then you could ever imagine. Know what you want, know your personal brand, know that you are somebody to do something to make this world a better place.

I just can’t take it seeing people wasting time watching dramas and playing gossips over little scenes. I didn’t say take life so seriously as well, but if you find a direction for yourself through this university life, then how could you possibly saying that you are alive? Many of us are fortunate to enter USM, but little did we think many of whom didn’t even get into any university, we are indeed blessed.

University experience is really more than joining academics, activities and making friends, it’s about knowing that you have already grown up and a leader of the country to do something big today. Experience it, will you?

There are many types of University Experience and Paths! Wait up for another post!