A Personal Pride: Malaysia Has Hopes.

Malaysia Has Hopes. I suddenly felt like writing about it. After reading LimKitSiang’s blog where he reposts an American post about coming to Malaysia eight years ago and leaving this country. He quoted many good things on what a foreigner can see but we don’t, as much as we think that we have it all by the uncertainties we have heard. You could read it here. It was definitely heartbreaking. Quoted here.

Malaysia rocked my 90s when the country used to make it to the forefront of each and every global newspaper and media outlet (for good reasons). I still remember my geography high-school classes when we intensively discussed the rise of Asia and Malaysia was constantly cited as an example.

Yes, that was back then when he came.

The French — and Europeans — (at least on a student level) were in admiration of Malaysia’s leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement. My friends and I dreamt of being part of a country that aspired to change the status quo of the time: provide stability, wealth and services to its people but also striving to become the voice of a “third world”, then mired in poverty and desperation. This was the Malaysia I knew. And the Malaysia I wanted to be part of. Be part of a success story. Not merely ride on one. But build with one.

He was mentioning all the old charms that he couldn’t see back in the states but here. But now not anymore,

So as the debate over Malaysia’s future, economy, society and politics rages on, I urge all my Malaysian friends to take a step back and relax (just for a little, though). The little a humble French-American can share with Malaysia is that the defining platform for Malaysia’s success will ultimately be cemented in respect, love, simplicity and smiles.

It’s purely sensible to any Malaysians who are reading this. I would feel the same too , Malaysia politically situation has changed drastically past few years, same goes to the social situation. We all know it’s real because of political leadership, despite a good show but it’s clearly shown in many evidence such as low FDIs and many migrations and people giving up their citizenships. Even with the unveil of good plans and propaganda of the opportunities are coming, people would still think it’s just for says. Even more, people are reading MalaysianKini or MalaysiaINsider compared to TheStar as some might want to read to their current ideology of the government.

Anyone who knows me would know I would feel annoyed when people start posting up negative views on the governments or some sort. The current situation is pessimism on anything the government would do or doubts and start pointing fingers on certain leaders or parties. But hey, there’s only one thing I know, For the people and By the people. Who cares about Leaders. There are many things you can do instead of thinking that the grass is greener in the other country, but if you look back again at what the American has said, it’s our culture here has brought us deeply in memories. The imperfections that made all of this together. The Mamaks and Footballs, Hawker Centers, you can’t find that anywhere.

I said it’s about the people, yes there are hopes. Once I said,

Positive people are always surrounded by positive people

I know some awesome people doing awesome things. Few JPA scholars still flying back a thousand miles just to vote and waiting to serve the government despite sayings of everywhere that government will destroy your talent or the negative views on talent crop. I know people still thinking of the endless opportunities in Malaysia and still having come here to find that hope. I know westerners who join MM2H program and loving the culture and easy going life here. I know politicians who can be hope and not everyone should be labelled as dirty politics. I can say much more,  I know there is Hope for Malaysia.

ShahAlam River Tree Planting Event. Here I met some foreigners from Coach Couching talking what’s so fascinating about Malaysia, that we really couldn’t say what they have expressed.

When Najib launches 1MDF youth Fund, hundreds of Youth Leaders came to submit their proposals. I must say these youths are rare. I always have the best respect for these youths because usually youths that are active in carrying out their community project would see the situation much better and positively. I’m always on the hunt to know youth leaders in this country, because it’s always an inspiring story on what they want to do for the nation at this age.

This was in India New Delhi. It was during a conference I met a few local Indians and it’s always inspiring to hear what others have to say about Malaysia. They see it as Hope, they see why some of their friends migrating into Malaysia despite knowing Indian is minorities. I don’t know what else to say but certainly, they admire how we got along together here.

Then the other story was in Shanghai When I did my exchange where I got to mix with a lot of local high school students while giving them workshops and the local university students. Often I ask what’s the first 3 things you know about Malaysia, often it’s by the grace of the beach and seasides and good racial mix. Also tourism there promote pretty many things on XinMaThai. Singapore Malaysia and Thailand tourism. The truth is most of us are always anticipating good things from oversea countries with its unique.

The truth is Malaysia is truly unique, or we call it Truly Asia. Even my lecturer says you can find any mosque design in the world in Malaysia. Truly Asia. To some of us, not anymore, while to some of us, there is always hope and it’s really depending on the Gen Y. If this issue can be so annoying to you and all the crazy insane does-not-make sense headlines (need not I to mention them). then be the change obviously.

If you are sure that the grass is greener in the over side so much and really want to settle there Just because of the situation of Malaysia, then let me prove to you how much Malaysia can better in 10 years time because I’m gonna do something with a whole bunch of awesome youths outside there =)

So, Malaysia Has Hopes.