Take Time to Ponder

I think the world today has not much to offer… oh no seriously! Just look at all the flashy gadgets you have, fast car, or big houses, celebrities around, they are taking up our time. I mean, generally speaking, I think many of us have yet to appreciate the moment of peace or silence and stop being up to something. The Internet today has much to offer in terms of social networking and all, but most of the time when we are walking on the street or anywhere, our eyes are on the little small screen we are holding!

I mean it doesn’t really make sense. Throughout my experience of taking public transport most of the time, there are many things you can discover in an LRT through your sights and observations, not those little screens of yours and expecting your social network friends to pop up and say hi to you!  The same goes to cycling, one point why I am really proud of cycling around here and there is that Cycling makes you see and hear things for yourself, unlike cars where they offer you a “protection box” which enclose you from anything else except the MP3 soundtracks you love. You just pop in, breath in the fresh filter air, listen to your songs… While I can continue to peddle.. listen to the surroundings.. and stop by anytime to ponder on certain scenes, not like a car with what you are looking at is the street in front of you, all the way!

I realized this when I was taking my time pondering on the kitten… You know when really observe something, little wonders can happen. You start to think of the complexity of something, but God made it so easily seem. While Human beings ourselves tried to do so many things ourselves that so often we have complicated ourselves. Yes, they are just little creatures, they aren’t Facebooking neither Starbucks, but I would say that Nature is certainly the thing that could bring you closer to the inner you. If you feel that you are a stranger to the forest, please don’t. We are born with nature.

So hereby please, TAKE TIME. To set aside everything, ponder about life and about everything else, this is no philosophical but it’s within you, you know that! Everyone sure has a thought that they themselves have to make. At times I would just take my guitar to the field… or just be at the slope beside my school to gaze at the star.. or cycle to the town in the weez hours. It feels so good when you just set aside everything else and put yourself in the thought of something significant.. or with God.

TAKE TIME. You know you have some things to ponder about.