Denso Youth For Earth Action 2012

And yes it’s been away since I left the Blog because I was busying packing up and preparing for DYEA 2012. DYEA 2012 is basically a program that fosters youth on working on their local environment issues, It happens in 7 countries including Malaysia and 3 from each country will proceed to DYEA international in Japan.. which praise God, I am one of the three final selected to proceed to Japan. For more info on DYEA, please Click HERE . This is the 20 of us joining the local program in Malaysia. =)

One thing I love about green events like this is when 20 people from the different field of studies coming together to the roundtable discussion on the green. I always see the Environmental issue as a value, it’s taken care by passion and every profession overlays it, there is no saying for a specific job doing on environmental issues or whatsoever, every one of us is part of the play, it’s actually back to the working ethics again regardless what professions you are. I promised myself to put DYEA 2012 as my last involvement in youth environmental program… this is because I think I am taking up other people’s opportunity and also sometimes I think I could be the facilitator of the program instead, in short, I need to proceed to the next level. I did mention before on the different of environmental issues involvement levels at HERE 

 I should be focusing more on the overlapping with my major, which is Architecture or the sustainable built environment because that’s what I want to be good at in the end and professional. But nevertheless, MESYM will still be running to keep my lifestyle balance, I certainly don’t want to be trapped in the architecture firm whole day and it’s definitely important to have the network to know the perception of other audience or end user to the built environment. Nevertheless, like in a lot of identical conversations with other activist, which we eventually move on to our career and thinking that our career soon only can make the significant impact by realigning the business ethics, we strongly support grass root environmental effort such as DYEA 2012, because these events are the stepping stones to the current us. I think that I have stepped on many stepping stones today, it all started with AIESEC exchange when I went to shanghai to involve in a 6 weeks education in green energy.. and that changed me totally.

Also, like what is being addressed in RIO20+ recently and with many coming back with the same expected of result, a lot of people believes in the grass root level, i am glad that in Malaysia a lot of initiatives are going on, though it’s still not enough, but more and more people are coming together, thank you for the people behind all the tree plantings and also monthly green gatherings, there are more to come, that i believe. As some of us may proceed to the working world which may not again directly link to environmental,  but we will still continue the grass roots movement.

As the saying goes “change a person at a time”, i think i will go with “Change a building at a time”. I am so gonna be the forefront in Green Architecture in 10 years to come.

Looking forward to the final trip to Japan. Some coursemates say I will rather spend my time being an environmental activist or consulting firm with the knowledge I have, but I tell them that I learnt so much more on Architecture through these programs because, for me, part of Architecture is about knowing bits of the world and I won’t be sticking in the office and designing something which I’m not sure if the world accepts it.