Sitiawan & Pasir Penampang

Sitiawan has always been a special place to me, though it can be a tiny suburban village with the population of only 100,000. A simple Wikipedia on it will tell you a little of its background here. But I know Sitiawan through my countless visits here as it’s my mom’s hometown and I am pretty much attracted to the laid back life here with rich fu zhou community heritage and also the FOOD here.

Areas around here such as Kampong Koh , Manjung and also Lumut , or perhaps a one day tour to Pulau Pangkor could really fill your agenda up. But it’s really because of the Food that pulls me back here.

While rapid urbanization is taking place, many could see that the Gen Y population is slowly migrating out of the district while some local traditions are still fighting its path to keep it alive. Most of the time we will stop by Pasir Penampang, kuala selangor for a great dish of seafood, it’s the journey from KL to Sitiawan, or either it will be Bidor’s Duck leg Noodle. It’s nothing really part of the travelling experience personally, but it’s something in the family to always head back to Sitiawan during Chinese New year season then. I just wish somehow in the future that i could bring my children here as well, there’s a great heritage here on waiting the gen Y to learn, i haven’t even learn how to cook red wine meesua from my mom!

So, in the end, i always ask myself, as an Architect and City person, how urbanization could affect so much is this part of heritage or tradition. There is certainly much more food to be said about Sitiawan.. soon!