The Century of Technology Surpassing our Human Interaction

We all live in a world where communication through modern technology is prominent today.. I can still remember vividly when I was in my 15 which is around the early 21st century 2002 or so, the first phone I had was Nokia3310 and the most it could do is just Texting or playing “snake”. But 10 years down the road and you see everyone having a smart phone with instant messaging and capability to know about almost anything around the world, via the internet.


And we don’t need to wait for a zombie apocalypse, it is already here when you just can’t miss the sight of anyone nodding their head and just so glued to the few inch of screen rather on what’s happening around them. Nevertheless, the fear is not only on how so many of us would be so glued up to the virtual communication when we are with so many friends around, but what fears the most is how virtual communication has changed our perceptions of real world communication, in which, yes it is like zombies talking.


Yes it is very easy to give LIKE on Facebook. The virtual world, internet has given a lot of great opportunities, but a lot of easy way out for many individuals. It’s very easy for them to rant and say all they want and hitting around the bushes with the different perception of likes and internet language, and most of them don’t come to a point of thinking How can they take action in the real world to the relevancy of the issues we have today.

It’s good that a lot of people have been utilizing social media to grab crowd attention and mobilize movements, but on the other hand, that also means some just support ‘virtually’ as well.