A Journey against the Fossil Fuel industry – Bill McKibben

The first time I heard about 350.org is during 2010 most probably, that’s when they held the 10/10/10 event, a planet-scale coordinated movement against climate change, and I am glad to meet some of the local or regional representatives for 350.org then. It is the number that has accompanied throughout my growing enthusiasm and awareness and climate change, throughout my university years. And I am constantly remembering myself on the latest CO2 ppm since then when I knew 350 is the safe threshold.


Credits to NOAA http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/

If there is something I wish for, that would be meeting Bill McKibben and hearing him within the same room, that familiar speech of determination and irrefutable citations of his that just gives you goosebumps. There are a lot of aspects I admire him, the ability to influence for what is right to be told, the determination to walk out to the streets and being in prison, the willingness to debate openly with anyone, almost every single detail of him just relates him to the person who talks because of the inconvenient truth he knows that he needs to do something. At 23 years old today, I do have plans by 25 or 30, but I always wish to be in the headlines for telling what is right, not because of filthy rich or having a big company or whatsoever.

It never fails to amaze me how 350.org coordinate and moves the power of the group, from DoTheMath to Global Power Shift etc. Do The Math is one good one, it’s an easy approach to telling the story to any crowd. We can emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The only problem? Burning the fossil fuel that corporations now have in their reserves would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide – five times the safe amount.

Another favorite video is in the movement against Keystone XL. It just seems that any video from 350.org gives you the same theme.

And another favorite video of mine is the debate between Bill Mckibben and Alex Epstein on the usage of Fossil Fuel, my first impression would be Bill is real, literally, a walking literature, could instantly cite dozens of studies and research, wonder how can anyone deny his findings all at once.