BERSIH 3.0 @ Esplanade, Penang

It was 428 that made people so united. Personally, I love how BERSIH 3.0 happened in Esplanade. At first, we were all a little worried about Safety concerns.. we talked and thought about “what ifs”.. we were well aware of the tear gas and water canons that might be awaiting.. but it seems that it turned out to be a fun gathering of really just, Duduk Bantah.

I am no political activist or whatsoever, but just a student or young adult who came here in the interest of supporting the clean election. I came in the name of justice and rights for all the people in this nation that a true and fair election should be carried out and as simple as that. It was a successful rally for me, things were straight and forward. We all gathered the venue, all cooperated well, sit down as it’s planned as DUDUK BANTAH. The speeches were made. the press was given their space to hear what we have to say. And things ended well.

You see yellow waves coming in yelling “Bersih, Bersih! ” and “Hentikan Lynas”. I was deeply encouraged by the range of turnouts, there was walks from all life and also as young as children and also as aged as senior citizens. By 2.30pm, the Esplanade is 3/4 full. Suggesting to an amount of 10 thousand people.

I think one thing why Penang turned out successfully was because the people really keep calm. The crowd again was reassured of the reasons why they are there, and what are the items they are supporting. We all sat down and listen to what’s being said.
Unlike Kuala Lumpur, in which I don’t know much but base on what I have updated with media from various sides, the crowd is rather huge and easily dispersed. The crowd is too huge and out numbers what the group leader can do. Well, i am in no position to judge as I was not there but I really just hoped that they could keep calm and duduk bantah, while some just went against the police barrier and Ambiga’s order to end the rally, things start to happen.

What took place in Penang was seriously worthy to be respected. There was no FRU units dispatch.. neither Policemen are seen.. but just security escort around CM and the others on the main platform. And we have various groups coming in together with their trademarks. Even Gurney Cycling Club came in with all of their bicycles.. and we have a signature banner for the public to sign as a mean to support.

I spotted this at the corner. The Esplanade is also known as a speaker’s corner for Penang, provided that the users abide the rules mentioned as it’s said, then it’s really a good platform for all to use this speaker’s corner for something constructive. The state government won’t stop from an opinion to be voiced as CM respects the rights to voice, same goes to agree the current government do a street rally against BERSIH 3.0.. because they have the rights.

I think this picture is the most interesting. It’s one of the current EC issues. One issue is about changing the entire SPR as the current leaders were once in UMNO, which doesn’t seem to convince that Clean elections are on the way. On the other hand, is the “undi Hantu” issues, where we have many unknown expired voting rights citizens but still active in the system.

Well, I won’t elaborate the issue much,n but simply, we are here because we love Malaysia. We want clean elections ahead. We need this to be clean because only then election result reflects what it should be showing.

It was a great weather too. Just a little bit of drizzling and all but it was a cool cloudy day.. we were so afraid it’s gonna be hot.. and God bless us as the rain started to pour only we reached back at 5pm+.

I have uploaded the pictures I took and enabled it to public viewing. Please see it HERE

Personally, I would want to thank my relatives and friends who were concerned for the safety. I think that I have read enough from any stream of media to know that I’m mature to make my own decision for what I stand in believe. Who cares if I am a government scholar, doesn’t mean I can’t support for the better of the future nation? And furthermore, I’m not in a march against the government but supporting a clean election. I took facts into considerations, not assumptions upon decisions to act. I’m saying this because some were worried that if I’m caught then my scholarship will be terminated.. in which it doesn’t make a single sense at all when AUKU is abolished and all the other related issues.

Thanks to all of my friends who support the cause together too!

BERSIH 3.0! Hoping election is clean and fair and the truth shall reveal.