Open Letter of Feedback: Notice of Degazzatement of Ulu Langat and Gombak Forest Reserve

The intention of the development of EKVE Eastern Klang Valley Expressway has been long in mind since 2009. It claims to be able to complete the KLORR Kuala Lumpur Outer Ring Road and able to mitigate the traffic congestion on the eastern side of KL. I remember this as a long standing issue as back in 2011 I was in WWF HQ sitting down with some environmental NGOs to review the DEIA report which was done that time. Disappointed. So the project went quiet for a while, suspect that it was on the budget issue as well as GE13.

Illustration of the proposed degazattement of Selangor State Park and EKVE.

Illustration of the proposed de-gazettement of Selangor State Park and EKVE.


However, last 14/2/2104, a notice announcing this appeared in NST classified section. Residents living in Ulu Langat and Gombak districts can voice their objection within 30 days from then. I decided to write in as a member of the public and Selangor as I believe such de-gazettement of the forest reserve and also the proposal of EKVE is highly possibly to affect our water catchment area. Such a paradox when we are now in the middle of water rationing and noticing to the low water level of Klang Gate Dams (just north of the demarcated area)!

There are 2 main questions in my mind apart from writing in my feedback. What makes us think on the possibility of protecting forest reserves IF we can degazette forest reserve under the Selangor State Park? The further we penetrate into this forest, the more we are interfering our CFS Central Forest Spine, which is also clearly stated in our National Physical Plan. Also, what makes you think having a highway proposal will ONLY affect a small portion of the forest reserve when you have developers eagerly on buying more land to develop? I can only imagine townships paving its way into there. It’s a vicious cycle of urbanization obviously.

Anyway, I do not think myself as a professional to give technical inputs, however, some things can be logically seen. What more on a plan that prefers on mitigating traffic impact rather than securing our water security? Besides we should be talking about public transport, not building more freeways for more cars and the process goes on and on. Here is my public feedback letter to the Director of Selangor Forestry Department.

Download (PDF, 97KB)

If you do feel the concern as a rakyat practice the power of democracy and our right of citizenship, I will be more than glad to encourage you to download the words file here and submit your opinion as well. You can view more on the info of WWF and MNS taking on this issue as well.

Download (DOCX, 26KB)